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updating custom code from 2015API to 2020API

I'm trying to update custom java code that used the 2015 API to the 2020 API.  Previously the code made heavy use of the com.installshield.wizard.service.file.FileService, I don't see an obvious replacement for this package in the 2020 API.  Am I missing something or have all those classes been deprecated without replacement?


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Level 4

I don't know why, but it seems  very difficult to find documentation on this via internet search.  I tend to bookmark these pages as they're so hard to find.

You're all set, it's still there.  Here are two links, one talky and the other the API.

Yes, the second one has IA2012 in the link - but I'm using IA2020 SP2 and use this class quite a bit.



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