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Level 6

uninstalling files

Hi friends,

In my application i added some empty folder ,after installing my application inside the emptry folder my application will genarate some property files.

when uninstalling the application that property files are deleting.

but in the uninstaller custom pannel it is saying a meessage like this :This will remove features installed by InstallAnywhere."It will not remove files and folders created after the installation".

i dont want to delete the property file's after uninstalling the application.

i dont no where am doing the mistake please tell me how to do that one.

If i select the do not uninstall file option ,it will give a problem when i install and uninstall with out appication use.
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Level 20

If your properties files are created in an empty folder you create at install time, all you need to do is to check the option "Do Not Uninstall" on the folder.
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