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Level 4

two bugs in IA registry


I'm facing two bugs with the ZeroG registry.
May be this is me who did not understand the product properly.
Could anybody tell me if I'm right or not.

1) Product version
The product version in the target registry is not updated properly and stays to "".
With IA2010 Enterprise, I made up an installation kit;
I set "" to the product version (screen Project/Description).
When I install the product on some target machine with the generated kit, the product goes to the registry but the version stays to

Crazy, no?

2) Component
I have a second installation kit whose purpose is to update only the database of my product.
For that, in the first installation kit (which installs the whole thing, soft + Db), I'd like to use the component facility with a version number.
So I added a new component (named Db), assigned some files to this component in the install panel, assigned the component to the installed feature (panel Organization/Components) and assigned a key file to this component.
After installing the product on some target machine, I cannot see my component in the registry (there are only 3 components: common, uninstall, virtual machine).
I cannot figure out what's wrong in my project,
If anybody could tell me ....

Thank you and Kind regards
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Level 3

I have the same problems with you.

These two problems caused the project can not be uninstalled properly after I upgrade from previous version to current version.

I saw IA 2010 SP1 has a hot fix, and there is a similar issue No. IOA-000054252 in the hot fix, but the hot fix did not solve this issue.

If nobody can give a explanation for it, I will open ticket to IA team.


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