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Level 4

is there any function in IA can perform as "Dynamic File Linking" like IS

Hi all,

In my Installer, I would like to pick up files in a source folder (e.g. results/lip/), the file name in this folder will be changed from version to version (e.g. from "Lip1aa.lip" to "Lip1bb.lip").

In InstallShield, I can set a "Dynamic File Link", just tell IS that to pick up all *.lip file in source folder "results/lip".

I would like to know if there is any function in InstallAnywhere can perform this. Or how can I do setup my InstallAnywhere to fix this requirement.

thanks so much..
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Level 9


The "Install Speed Folder" action can do this.

Just select the source folder (e.g. ~/results/lip/) and use "configure filter" to match your needs (include or exclude files/folders).
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Level 20

I think what will help you is SpeedFolder. You set a SpeedFolder on the parent folder (results/lip) and you tell it to include the *.lip pattern. But it will be your responsability to make sure that there won't be more than one .lip file at a time (otherwise it will include 2 or more versions of the same file) (obviously it will include all the files that match the pattern).
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Level 4

thanks so much, that really works.
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