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Level 6

how to hide label in installer steps based on OS type.

hi guys,

our project needs to support both windows and Linux UI install types. Recently we have added a custom panel which should display in Linux but not for windows, we are able to handle it by setting rule only for Linux. Since project is same for both the OS , during install time in windows, panel label is being displayed in "installer steps list" left hand side, how to hide the label only in Windows.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 9

I'm not 100% sure, but using tags (Project/Advance/Manage Tags) should help there.

This can be huge work for large projects as you would need to assign tags for specific actions (e.g Windows .vs Linux) and dedicate build configuration per OS too (so tagging build configuration as well), but that should solve this.

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Level 6

reported to Flexera and they have already got this as request/enhancement quite some time back. and they don't have idea/plan when they are going to provide this.
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