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Level 9

hi i have a problem with the java version in the custom rules

i am writing some custom classes as given below and compiling them with jdk 1.5 which i use in evaluate custom rules action.
I have prepared my installer and when i tried to run it on jdk 1.4.2, then it is getting stuck near custom rule.

Is there anything wrong with the code:

package com.xxxxxxxx.roinstaller;


public class ROSomeRule extends CustomCodeRule {

public boolean evaluateRule() {

String firstuserinput=ruleProxy.substitute("$IP_ADDRESS$");
String seconduserinput=ruleProxy.substitute("$USER_INPUT_RESULT_1$");
String thirduserinput=ruleProxy.substitute("$USER$");
String password=ruleProxy.substitute("$PASSWORD$");
String dbtobeUsed=ruleProxy.substitute("$DB_TO_BE_USED$");
String driver=ruleProxy.substitute("$DRIVER$");

String tobeused="SET";
String valueToRefer=ruleProxy.substitute("$NULL$");
String choseninstallset=ruleProxy.substitute("$CHOSEN_INSTALL_SET$");
System.out.println("in the install method of rocustomcode action55555555555555555555555555555555555555555");
/*if((choseninstallset.equalsIgnoreCase("Typical")) && (firstuserinput.equalsIgnoreCase(valueToRefer)||seconduserinput.equalsIgnoreCase(valueToRefer)||thirduserinput.equalsIgnoreCase(valueToRefer)))
ip.setVariable("$SOME_VARIABLE$", tobeused);
System.out.println("entered the typical flow of install method succesfully 9999999999999999999999999");
return true;
System.out.println("inside the inner flow of the if statement");
return false;
System.out.println("inside trhe outer loop of the if else statement in the code let me see if i can do it thorugh some way");
return false;


I am allowing to continue only if the user enters all the fields and even the label settings are not appearing properly when the installer panels come up

Any sort of suggestion is eagerly awaited.
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Level 7

Generally you can't run code compiled by 1.5 on a 1.4 JRE. If you wish to do so, you need to use -target while compiling.

Best Regards,
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