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failed to register MsFlxGrd.ocx

MsFlxGrd.ocx got installed to $SYSTEM_64$ successfully

but the subsequent command, regsvr32.exe "$SYSTEM_64$\MsFlxGrd.ocx", failed with error "The specified module could not be found"

manually executing it on CMD works fine.

I also moved the regsvr32 command to post-install. same issue.

This must be a very common issue. Am I missing some steps to register an ocx?

BTW, I'm using IA2018 SP1

Please help.

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Level 3

More info ...

the ocx is supposed to be installed in SysWOW64 but it went to System32

I checked the boxes in Advanced tab to enable WOW64 Emulator but it didn't make any difference.

Bottom line is: how to install my MsFlxGrd.ocx into SysWOW64 directory?

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$SYSTEM_32$ is SysWOW64
$SYSTEM_64$ is System32
what a confusing names 😞
Anyway, I changed to $SYSTEM_32$ and everything works fine.
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