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Level 3 missing from


I am working on an installer project created using InstallAnywhere. I want to check for user privileges on Windows and I found given below link for doing this job -

But I didn't find "" package in

Could anybody help me out that where can I find this package to include in my Java custom code.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 20

Yes, this is not part of the IA classes, I think that somewhere in the IA GUI you need to check a checkbox Add service support.
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Level 5

At the root of your InstallAnywhere installation is a resource directory. You need to configure path\to\InstallAnywhereRoot\resource\services\services.jar and path\to\InstallAnywhereRoot\resource\services\ppk\windowsppk.jar as dependencies.
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Level 20

Yes, and that too! 😄 Thanks for the heads-up!
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