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Where to change title bar of a progress window?


Does anyone know where I can change the title bar of a progress bar? (Picture below of what I am referring to.)

Currently it looks like it's just defaulting to $PRODUCT_NAME$, but I need to set it to something unique, and every time a custom action or something that opens a little window opens in front of the main window, it shows the $PRODUCT_NAME$ variable and when I update $INSTALLER_TITLE$ it only does the main window and not the little ones that pop up through the running of the Setup.

I am using IA 2014 sp1 (picture below of what I'm talking about with the red arrow pointing to it.


Thanks preemptively!



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Re: Where to change title bar of a progress window?

At this point, there is no capability to modify the title of the inderterminate progress bar. This dialog can come up in multiple actions
- Execute Command
- Execute Custom code
- Execute Script/batch file
- Execute Uninstaller

Can you let me know which particular action you are using.
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