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What do those arguments mean, J2 J1 MSJ MRJ?

Inside an InstallAnywhere project file, under the sequence page, Install section, and the the Uninstaller Properties, there are a number of lax properties listed.  One of them is

The default value for is J2 J1 MSJ MRJ. 

The comment says, "a string containing one or more of [ ALL JDK JRE J1 J2 JRE_J1 JDK_J1 JRE_J2 JDK_J2 MSJ MRJ ] delimited by spaces or commas. If the native launcher cannot find the current vm, it will search for ones in this list".

The other arguments make sense, such as ALL, JDK and JRE but J2, J1, MSJ and MRJ do not.  Can someone explain what J2, J1, MSJ and MRJ mean?

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