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Vm pack for win 7

Hii friends,

I searched for vm pack applicable for win7 but couldn't find..So which VM pack to use for WIN7 in no vm build???
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Re: Vm pack for win 7

Hello Pavan,

You can use any Windows VM packs like 1.5,1.6 and 1.7 versions for Win 7. But Windows VM pack version 1.4 is not supported.

Please let me know if It helps you.


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not working :(

Hii mansoor,

Am hosting SunJRE170win32.vm on my server & trying to download this on No VM build..but its not working for me..installer exits popping no vm found or cant extract the vm!!! Any suggestions??? Am using win7 32 bit!!
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Re: Vm pack for win 7

Hi ,

You should place the VM packs under IA_HOME/resoruce/installer_vms and then relaunch the designer.
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