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Level 3

Verify input from Get User Input - Advanced Panel

I have a "Get User Input - Advanced Panel" in which i get an email address and a password from the user. When the user clicks next I want to verify that information before sending them to the next panel.

What is the best way to do this?
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Level 20

It all depends on the level of verification needed.
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Level 6

The best way is to use a regular expression to verify the email address entered. If the installation is running on *nix, then a shell script will do the job, however if it is windows then the best way would be to write a Java custom action to validate the email address as there is no direct way of validating email addresses via bat files.

Another approach on Windows could be to run a power shell script to do the regex based validation. However I won't recommend this approach as:
1. Power shell script execution will load all kinds of .net libraries.
2. It will only work on OSes which have power shell installed.

So the best bet on windows is to to write a custom action.
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