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Newbie question...I am running IA2011 Enterprise for a Unix installer in Console mode. I want to control the installer based on results of each step. I have custom code that executes our unique steps in our Install process but they all execute at once and the Installer exits. For example I want to:

Step 1 - Shutdown down application server
If SUCCESS then go to Step 2
Or FAIL, repeat Step 1

Step 2 - Load new programs into a directory
If SUCCESS then go to Step 3
If FAIL, repeat Step 2

I can write the SUCCESS or FAIL out to a file but how do I get the Installer to execute the first step, wait for it to finish then move to the next step upon SUCCESS of the first step? Any pointers is greatly appreciated. Do you use Variables and if so - how? Or is there another technique to use?
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Level 3

I was able to solve my problem by using a Console Action: Show Message Console 'Dialog' and then to validate against a Regular Expression to determine if the installer should allow the user to proceed to the next step. With a Ouptut Debug Information Action I can see the STDERR and STDOUT in my Log file and then I validated my expression against a "Warning" output.
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