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Using response file as defaults to console user input

I run a console installation and create a response file based on user input.

If I run the console installation again, I need to read in the existing response file which will then be used as defaults to console user input.

How do I accomplish this?

Regards, Rob

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Use the -f command-line switch when you run the installer to specify a response file for the installer to use.
install.exe -i console -f <path to response file>

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I am using -i console -f input-response-file -r output-response-file when executing and I have no preset defaults displayed.  

Below is my response file.  Is there something wrong with what I have created?

# Tue Feb 14 22:25:17 UTC 2023
# Replay feature output
# ---------------------
# This file was built by the Replay feature of InstallAnywhere.
# It contains variables that were set by Panels, Consoles or Custom Code.



#CSE Configuration and Working Directory

#CSE Communications Configuration

#Encyclopedia Database Configuration
USER_INPUT_CONSOLE_RESULTS3=\"Create and initialize new Encyclopedia tables\",\"\",\"\",\"\"

#Encyclopedia Database Connection (Oracle)

#Encyclopedia Identification
USER_INPUT_CONSOLE_RESULTS5=\"9999\",\"ENCYDB\",\"Ency Description\"

#Coordination Database Configuration
USER_INPUT_CONSOLE_RESULTS6=\"Create and initialize new Coordination tables\",\"\",\"\",\"\"

#Coordination Database Connection (Oracle)




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