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The installer found unexpected changes to the install script

I have been using InstallAnywhere 2011 Enterprise edition to create installer named as "setup.exe".
Here is the a few modification I do after creation of installer

1. Rename "setup.exe" to ""

2. Update "" with a few folders and files which are being used by Custom code extends from InstallAnywhere 2011 API.

3. Add the updated "" to self extracting exe file created using C++.
and finally we seup.exe which contains "".

When we launch the self extracting exe mentioned above, unzip of to temp folder takes place and in turn invoke "setup.exe" created by InstallerAnywhere 2011.

We could see the initial screen but it throws up ERROR "The installer found unexpected changes to the install script"

Please help us to resolve the issue.
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Level 20

I'm afraid you cannot do what you want to do: the installer has built-in verification if it has been altered, so post-creation modifications are not supported. You need to bundle custom code in the installer itself, and as the setup.exe is self-extracting, I really don't understand why you bundle it in another wrapping?!?
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Level 4

Thanks Vlad!!! for your reply.

Steps which I have mentioned, is to make the setup.exe more generic and allow multiple product teams to customize the installer based on their needs.This was possible using InstallAnywhere 6.1 Enterprise version.But my question is why the changes have been made in InstallAnywhere 2011 Enterprise version?.
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