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System environment PATH deletes if the character limit is more then 1024


we got one issue while installing one of our product. we are having more then 1024 character in Environment PATH variable and we tried to install our product but as soon as installed all variables in that PATH deleted and only the current installed product path is present.

Can anyone help me out??

Thanks in advance
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Hi Anu,

You can substitute the most commonly used path with a drive name, say 'R' using the 'subst' command. And then use that drive to replace all the occurances of that common directory path. This effectively reduces the whole PATH variable size.

Ex: If most of your binaries present under C:\Program Files\User binaries\Application binaries, then you can subst this with

subst R: C:\Program Files\User binaries\Application binaries

And replace all the occrances of 'C:\Program Files\User binaries\Application binaries' with 'R:'.

And this shouldn't be a problem in the latest OS.

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