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Speed Folder not working as expected !!

Hi All,

I deployed one InstallAnywhere project (.bin file) on two LINUX machines having exactly same environment.The project is supposed to deploy files present in a speed folder. I get two different results on both machines.

I am attaching the log files for your reference. Please ignore the custom code plugin error because its a known issue for me.

The surprising thing in these logs are that in one log file it says "Install SpeedFolder" and in another it says "Install File", although both are deploying speed folder only.

Please respond as early as possible since its urgent for me. Thanking you in anticipation.
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As I've already pointed out in the other thread you opened, the issue you experienced come from a custom code, so you need to investigate the respective code (and the respective machine environment) in order to understand what happened.
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Hi pv7721,

We are aware of the custom code problem.
But our main focus at this point, is say ,we create a simple IA project which is supposed to install files through speed folder. Now this installer installs files as expected on few machines except one. On that one machine, it logs that there are no files in the speed folder to install.
Can it be related to space issue in the /tmp location or something on those lines.

Please let me know if anyone finds something relevant to the above scenario.
Refer to the log files attached.

Thanks in advance !!
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