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Silent installer

I am using InstallAnywhere 2008. I am trying silent installation.

Silent installation is working fine for Complete install. But individual features are not getting installed.

Following is how my looks like,

# Thu Aug 06 18:24:23 IST 2009
# Replay feature output
# ---------------------
# This file was built by the Replay feature of InstallAnywhere.
# It contains variables that were set by Panels, Consoles or Custom Code.


#Choose Install Folder
USER_INSTALL_DIR=C:\\Program Files\\dir

#Choose Shortcut Folder
USER_SHORTCUTS=C:\\Documents and Settings\\aphaw01\\Start Menu\\Programs\\New\\app


Still installer installs all the features. In UI mode, features are perfectly installed individually.

Anyone has experienced this problem?

Thanks in advance,
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Level 3

Can anybody help with above question?
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Level 4

Please post install logs if you are creating them. Thx
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