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Silent Installation help

I am new to InstallAnywhere. I have created a custom code panel .In the OkToContinue(), I validate the inputs of the panel. My observation is that in case of silent installation, this block of code is not getting called. Is that I have to handle validation for silent installation separately or is there any way I can handle both at a same place? In case of UI installation, I need the validation should happen as soon as user tries to move to the next screen.

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Level 20

In silent mode panels and consoles are skipped, so you need to have the input either validated or redo validation in silent mode.
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Level 2

Silent installation is installation without user intervention .
By installing it through cmd line wih /s option eg:
c:\xyz.exe /s, where xyz.exe is the installer setup.

Inorder to achieve silent installtion , installer requires a response file which is a .iss file (it is similar to .ini file).

How to create a response file : Creating response file means recording the steps of the installation.
In the command line you need to execute installer setup as :
c:\xyx.exe /r ,
you need to install it in normal fashion, each step that you do will get recorded in a response file(once recording is done you will find response file in c:\windows\setup.iss(default location)) .
Now include this setup.iss file in Behavior and Logic >Support Files/Billboards >Advace Files>Disk1 . Build the installer once again .

Run your installer on command line with /s option as: c:\xyz.exe /s
You can check the status of silent installation in task manger.

I hope this will give you a optimised way of doing silent installation 🙂
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