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Setting Install Directory


I am using InstallAnywhere 2012, SP1 on an old, old Windows box( XP, sp2 ). Lets say I have the following files:

Foo.exe -> goes to C:\MyProduct\Bar\Foo.exe
Baz.exe -> goes to C:\MyProduct\Whatever\Baz.exe

One way to accomplish this in the Pre-Install step, assign the value $USER_INSTALL_DIR$\Bar to $USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_1$ and $USER_INSTALL_DIR$\Whatever to $USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_2$ and then for these individual files, set the destination to the respective MAGIC folders via a dropdown menu.

However, in the Install step, you can bring up the file and I notice a 'Source:' section and a 'Destination:' section. Under the 'Destination:' section, you can set the install dir and then there is a dialog box next to it in which you can enter subdirectories under which the executable would be installed. I would rather do this for these onesy's and twosy's. However, InstallAnywhere won't let me edit that dialog box. Why?

Another thing. I defined $USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_3$ to be C:\MyProduct\MENUS. Now I need about 50 files to install under there. Sooo ... one way to do it is in the Install portion of the Advanced Designer, do it one file at a time via the GUI. A nicer way would be to use the Advanced Designer -> Install -> [select a file] -> [right click the file] -> [put it in $USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_3$. Then for the rest of them, just grab them as a group and move them there. InstallAnywhere[Advanced Designer] doesn't allow it at least if I do the usual stuff like select the first file, go to the last and do Ctrl-select or Shift-select. I have to sit there one-file-at-a-time and move them to the magic folder. Better yet, can this be done via a properties file? I want to automate this as part of our build system and this isn't looking good.
Sandra Carney
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Level 5


So I looked at pp. 767 - 769 if the InstallAnywhere user guide which discusses a file and a buildproperties.xml file. Am I correct in concluding that these don't cover the Install task in the Advanced Designer? It is in the Install task where I want to say where the files get put and the pre-supplied drop-down menu is not sufficient. Is it possible to put the following specifications in the .xml file?

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If I have understood your problem, you have an option to put all your files in a folder add it as speedfolder and copy contents only of that folder to your user defined folder.
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