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Setting Expiry Condition to an executable


Recently have migrated our projects from InstallShield [IS] 12 to InstallAnywhere [IA] 2008 VP1. During this migration found one functionality in IS1 - Trialware. This functionality will set expiry conditions [using Try & Buy or Try & Die conditions] for the IS executable. After completion of 30/60/90 days, installer when launched will prompt the user to get a new installer as this version has expired.

Is there something similar to Trialware in InstallAnywhere 2008 VP1 that can be utilised for creating/generating the application that expire after 30/60/90 days?

Any thoughts on the above are welcome.

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Level 7

I do not believe there is anything like that in IA, perhaps you could use your licensing to perform this action.
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Level 20

There is anything like this AVAILABLE to the public, as for instance unregistered IA version warn you about it not being registered and having a deadline to register, so I guess that the technology is built in, just there is no way to acces it (at least for now).
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