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Flexera beginner

Set Windows Environment variable as a Post Install step

I need to set a Windows System Environment variable as a post install step. My application has different behavior depending on the Environment variable. If I set it during the installation, my application fails to run as expected. I don't see an action to set an Environment variable in the post install step. I have tried using Windows setx command to set the variable, but then it does not get removed when I uninstall the application.

Can anyone help here?

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Flexera Flexera_Ian

Re: Set Windows Environment variable as a Post Install step

Hi @rajeevshukla,

Thank you for your post.

You would need to place the Set System Environment Variable Action in the Install Sequence, because, as you mentioned, the Action is not available in the Post-Install Sequence.

The action is available in the Install Sequence, at least partly, so that the installer can undo the action if necessary.



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