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Self-Register Errors

We have upgraded our project from IS 5.5 to IS2010. There are two files which are registered using Self-register property of Install shield .
This was not a problem with earlier versions of Install shield but when installing IS2010 project on windows XP I are getting the following error:-
The follwing files did not self-register or unregister :

D:\TKWins32\TKAccessConv.dll - The specified procudure could not be found
C:\windows\system32\COMDLG32.dll - The specified procudure could not be found

The first dll (TKAccessConv) is a dll called the the main program and used to covert databases.

The second dll(COMDLG32.dll) is an ActiveX control that must be used from the main program.

I am new to InstallShield and I tried looking at the manuals, but could not found any reference to the self-registration.

Any help will be greatful!!

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You would need to repost your issue in the correct forum:

This is IA 2010 and not IS2010!
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