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Running IA generated setup on Windows docker image


I am currently in the process of creating a Windows docker image containing my product. to do this we want to run our IA generated setup silently using a response file which will configure it appropriately. We know this works fine on a VM.

We are using the full fat windows server image

Into which we silently install the Visual C/C++ 17 redistributable as we need it to run our native exes.

However when we run our IA generated setup (which has a bundled Java) the process doesnt start, it simply returns to the command / powershell prompt of the image when its spun up into a container.

I believe this usually means we are missing some component required for the exe to be loaded by Windows (like on unix when you are missing a dependant shared library). What i need to understand is what could be missing that is stopping the setup from starting.

Any ideas  as i cant believe i am breaking new ground here.



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