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Problems with shhortcuts not uninstalling on Windows 7


We have a product that uninstalls just fine on Windows XP but the same product leaves behind program shortcuts after uninstall on Windows 7.
We have a workaround that forces the deletion of these shortcuts in the post uninstall phase but is messy and should not be necessary.
Note: We are still using InstallAnywhere 2010 and have not upgraded to the latest service pack. Is there a known issue with uninstallers on Windows 7 that might be fixed by subsequent SPs?

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I'm running into the same issue. Could you share your workaround in case nobody comes up with solution?
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I am using both IA 2010 and IA 2010 SP1 (hotfixA), and do not experience issue with shortcuts.

Prior to uninstall, is the "USER_SHORTCUTS" variable appears correctly in "$USER_INSTALL_DIR$/uninstall/ ?

also the .com.zerog.registry.xml (global or local) should contain an entry for each shortcut with flag "uninstall="true"" (I am not using global registry)

The shortcut deletion is done in the uninstall tab of the installer UI. You should not have put any rule for it.

Maybe you can try to delete the global registry before uninstalling just to check if problem is related ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Zero G Registry\.com.zerog.registry.xml").

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