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Level 3

Problems with localization

Hi guys. I have a trouble. It seems like i founded bug.

On the Pre-Install step i have added "Get User Input - Advanced" panel before "Pre-Install Summary" panel. So in the left "step-labels" panel will be added new step with label "Get User Input" (panel title) above "Pre-Installation Summary".
Now i'm changing title of "Get User Input - Advanced" panel from "Get User Input" to "Choose Install Options". So in the left "step-labels" panel "Get User Input" label will be changed to "Choose Install Options". I build my project, run installer and everything is good. Now i'm trying to localize "Choose Install Options" label. For example for spanish, label translation is the next: "Choose Install Options" - "Escoja las opciones de instalación". So i insert this translation inside of "custom_es" file (in 2 places. one place relates to panel title, second place relates to step label). Build my project, one label is good, but instead of another "Escoja las opciones de instalación" label i see "Obtener entrada de usuario" label which means "Get User Input" in English.

Here is example:
# GetUserInput.f5d8ab53a9b3.title=Choose Install Options
GetUserInput.f5d8ab53a9b3.title=Escoja las opciones de instalación

# Installer.e7dbb389b0fb.installLabels.06=Choose Install Options
Installer.e7dbb389b0fb.installLabels.06=Obtener entrada de usuario

Please help me to solve this problem.
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Level 3

You could try uncheck 'auto populate label' in Installer UI step. See if that works.
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Level 2

were you able to figure this out ????

I am having similar problem
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