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Problems after Install Anywhere Project File upgrade.


We have an Install Anywhere project file (.iap_xml) that works great under InstallAnywhere v2015.  On another box, we loaded InstallAnywhere v2020.  Upon bringing up the project file, it says it needs to convert it to v2020.  After doing that, then saving it again with no "changes" other than letting IA do its thing for the upgrade it seems to build and create an installer just fine.  

But, when trying to run it (under windows), it gives a spinning circle next to the cursor after clicking on it, but it doesn't ever come up with the normal user dialog to enter choices to install it and so, it doesn't.

Upon comparing the old to new project files, the only difference it seems is that it

*  changed basic dates, ID's, version numbers, etc. 

*  added a set of Elements for lax.file.description,, etc. 

*  added a whole lot of properties for userSplashPaths, userSplashNames, title (blank),  launcherId (blank),  and pleaseWaitConsole


Any ideas what is doing this?

Thank you!


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Level 6

Could you please launch the installer with "Ctrl" button pressed.
By doing this console will open with live logs so that what is happening between installer double
click and installer launch can be checked. Please do share the log.

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Thanks VineethaNair,

When clicking <CTRL> and the installer name, the same thing happens --spinning circle next to cursor for a few seconds, then nothing.  No pop-up window or log.  No dialog box like we get under IA 2015 to complete the install.

thank you!


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So this is weird.  I'm noticing that if I run the installer from the directory the installer was created in, it runs OK.  Normally it gets copied to another location before installing it.  After copying to the other location it gives the spinning circle.  Nonetheless, when doing <CTRL> <Click Installer>, it doesn't pop up with any additional logging, and the normal log it creates looks the same as if I hadn't clicked the <CTRL> key.  Do I have to be an admin to get the extra logging under windows?

thank you!

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hi @nathanael_hans 

No, for extra logging no need to be admin. To get detailed logs,
In Project->JVM Settings-> Installer Settings ->
Additional Argument -> enter -Dlax.debug.level=4 - Dlax.debug.all=true.
and Enable install log as follows:
Project->General Settings->Log Settings-> Enable Logging->yes
Enable install
Enable uninstall
Include Debug output(stderr & stdout) - yes

From the details mentioned, migration seems to be happening proper.
Please share the detailed log file generated during installation or the
normal log that you have mentioned. In the migration trials here , launching from different location is proper.
May be something different with the copy location mentioned. Or may be silent installation is happening.

If installation is not happening &
logs are not getting generated please raise a support ticket.

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