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Level 6

Problem with $prop.user.dir$


I am using IA 2011. In the "vriables" tab under "Project" tab a short description of various variables is given. Here in IA 2011 the description of $prop.user.dir$ is given as "Contains Java system property $J(user.dir)" and $J(user.dir) refers to the user's current directory. But when I am using the variable $prop.user.dir$ it is not pointing to the user's current dir, it points to some temp dir (I think its installer's temp dir).

Can anyone please help me to understand the issue.

Thanks alot for spending your precious time.
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Level 9

You said that $prop.user.dir$ refers to the user's current directory. So the installer is resolving it to install temp dir as it is executed from there ("user.dir" is the directory in which the Java virtual machine was invoked)

What kind of variable do you need ?

$EXTRACTOR_DIR$/$INSTALLER_LAUNCH_DIR$ resolves to the location of the executable
$prop.user.home$ resolves to the user home directory

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Level 6

I think $INSTALLER_LAUNCH_DIR$ should solve my problem.

Thanks for your reply.
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