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Problem using a java installer


I am building an installer as a java jar based Other-System supporting java. The goal is to have a unique installer usable on any system. I am generating a web installer with IA 2010 SP1 Hotfix A.

I see multiple issues with the generated installer on windows

- the command launch default browser does not work.
- the temporary folder is not deleted
- on Windows 64 bits the PROGRAMS_DIR and PROGRAMS_DIR_32 do not have the correct value missing "(x86)"

Anybody has seen this already? Know any solution?

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Level 20

Can you try rebuilding your installer with IA 2011?
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Level 2

hello frnz i have i problem in my java installer it installed correctly but unable to read the library files. Is this problem with the installer or is it some other problem if some body knows please help me out.
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