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Level 3

Plug in Wait for Process exit untill my Web server got started (listening to port)?

I want user to wait untill my local server listening to port (i mean untill My server got started) i have to make user wait and after that want to Launch browser with the http:\localhost\8080 to open the web application. can u please provide any guide how can i do ?
I have created windows service and after install complete screen , i am starting that service which takes some time to listening port.
So what should be the WFPE_NAME in Wait for Process exit to wait user untill my web server started and listening to port? then after i want to launch browser with localhost?

Thanks in advanced.

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Level 5

The plugin executes tasklist command and checks if the process with name $WFPE_NAME$ is not shown in the list. I believe, this plugin might not serve your purpose. you can try using "sc query servicename" and see if the status of the service is running.
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Level 3

thank you for your guide..avudaithangam , i'll try to get code using sc service name but I coul'nt found action for custom code in Post Install.
thank for you guide.
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