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Level 9

$PRODUCT_NAME$_InstallLog.log file renamed and moved.


Looks like IA 2011 has modified the PATH and the name of the installation logs.
Previously, by default it was:
Name: $PRODUCT_NAME$_InstallLog.log

Now it has moved to:

Path: $USER_INSTALL_DIR$$\$_$PRODUCT_NAME$_installation$\$Logs$/$
Name: $PRODUCT_NAME$__.log

According to online help, the $INSTALL_LOG_DESTINATION$ variable has been changed!

The path is easy to change from the UI.

Does anyone knows how I can change the filename ? (I would like it to be the same as previously define in IA 2010). :confused:


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Level 20

Bonsoir, Jerome

Quoting from the IA 2010 SP1 manual:

$INSTALL_LOG_NAME$ This variable sets the name of the installation log. If not set, the installation log name is based on the product name. Developers may set

Hopefully, this shouldn't have changed in IA 2011.
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Level 3


In InstallAnywhere 2011 we had improved the logs to make it user friendly. In addition to this we continue existing variable support also. So, you can make use of the variable $INSTALL_LOG_NAME$ to override the default log file name.

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Level 9

Thanks to you both! I was able to set back the installation logs to original location/name.


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