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Level 2

OSX Lion issues

I want to place an Uninstaller shortcut somewhere user accessible but not on the Desktop or Dock. I've tried the Preferences folder and the User's Applications folder, but those folders don't show up unless you go searching for them (something an end-user is not likely to do). I can access the Uninstaller in a terminal or by using "Go to Folder" in Finder but I want an easier solution for users.

Does anyone know how to place a shortcut in the System's Application Folder?

Also, the uninstaller for some reason fails to remove a shortcut in the Dock.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Level 6

Hi bapfreak,

InstallANywhere 2010 does not officiallly support MAC OSX Lion.

Please upgrade to the latest Version of InstallAnywhere(IA 2011 SP3) to claim support.

Madhav Pai
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