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Level 2

Not able to to refresh user-defined IA variables

The detailed explanation is as below:

I have written a custom panel with 4 checkboxes and respective names for the checkboxes.i have also written four different custom panels for 4 checkboxes. I have set 4 IA variables respectively for 4 checkboxes. I have a requirement such that if i check the boxes are checked only then the respective custom panel must be called. But i m not able to implement it.
I have used the code like this to reset the checkbox variables:
public boolean okToGoPrevious(){
String emptyString = customCodePanelProxy.substitute("$NULL$");
customCodePanelProxy.setVariable("$MESSAGE_WATCHER$", emptyString);

return true;

but it is not wrking properly.
i have added a Compare InstallAnywhere variables rule where i am comparing as: $MESSAGE_WATCHER$ contains true.
but this works only if we check the panel for the first time,
later wen we go back and uncheck it, the panel is not called bcoz of the code that i added, but the next time i check the box the IA variable is not getting reset, it is taking the old value itself.

Please help
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Level 4

Hi Geetha,

You can try putting your code in 'okToContinue()'.

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Level 5

I have the same problem..
I have created 2 checkboxes..A,B..
I am displaying a feature depending on selection..But it works only for the first time..

Anybody find the solution?
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