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Need a new support in Installanywhere


      We're working on InstallAnywhere2015 for Linux Installers(.bin). Users are facing an issue after the install sequence (i.e, PostInstall). Once the user cancels the installation in PostInstallSequence, the files aren't rolled back. Since Installanywhere has rollback option only in the install sequence. Also, we're working in InstallShield for windows installers(.exe). InstallShield has event handlers, specifically InstallShield rolls back files at any installation sequence the user cancels in Windows Installers(.exe). Is there any option or any update by which Installanywhere can do the former task of installShield (.exe) ?. Moreover, InstallShield allows writing of specific scripts in event handlers like 'OnAbort()' to rollback files at any sequence. Likewise, is there any option for InstallAnywhere to rollback files or at the least to remove files in post install sequence once user  cancels installation? 



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Revenera Moderator

Hi @arunkumar_as,

Thank you for your post.

Yes, you are correct--Rollback is only available in the install sequence. No, there is no option to rollback or remove files after the user cancels the install. My understanding is that this would have to take place during rollback during the install sequence.



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