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Level 7

Merge module stdout/stderr strangeness

I have been using a Dynamic Merge Module. I selected the option to send stdout to a variable, and changed the name of the variable selected. Then I saved the project -- and the name CHANGED BACK TO THE DEFAULT of MERGE_MODULE_STDOUT. (It actually took several attempts before I realized that "save" was doing the change.) It also turns out that "save" removes the name of any variable you might have selected for stderr. In fact, not just "save", but "BUILD" does it too (no doubt while it is saving to its temporary build project file). So you can't actually capture stderr.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? I have IA 2008 VP1.
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Level 6

I too have seen the same issue. Seems to a bug in IA 2008 Enteprise VP1
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