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MacOSX and JRE 1.7, how to bundle VM ?


Why it is not possible to bundle a VM for MacOSX and Java 1.7 ? The checkbox "with VM" is disabled on the Build-Targets-Page, but in the "known issues"-Page of Installanywhere 2013 there are some threads about "If you build an installer for OS X–based systems and JRE 1.7 is bundled with the installer,..." ( IOA-000082544 - ).

We ve got a problem with the automatically search of a JRE 7. Installer allways say "Unable to find JRE7 to launch" and stops. To avoid this problem you ve to install a JDK 1.7. Then InstallAnywhere 2013 - Installer for MacOSX with the Option "Search for Oracle JRE 1.7" works correct.

Where is my fault ?

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Level 5 Flexeran


Follow the below steps to create VM Pack manually for Mac OS X.

1. Create file with the following contents. JRE 1.7 MacOSX

2. Give full permission to
3. Copy the jre folder from .
4. Give full permission to the entire jre folder
cmd> chmod -R 777 jre/

5. zip jre folder.
cmd> zip -r jre/

6. Give full permission to and rename the above created file to
cmd> chmod 777
cmd> mv

7. jar and
cmd> jar -cvf OracleJRE170u40.vm

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Thank you for your answer.

Now the checkbox "with VM" for MacOSX is active and i can generate an MacOSX-Installer with VM. We will test it on an MacOSX without JDK 1.7.

greets Michael_
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