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Level 3

Mac installer menu items

I am using IA 2008 VP 1. When I run my Mac installer on OS 10.5 there is a menu that is equivalent to the $PRODUCT_NAME$ variable. While my installer is running, if I select the menu and then select the "About ..." menu item the box that displays has a version number of 6.0 even though my product's version number is only 1.0 in the Project->Description section of the Advanced Designer. Does anyone know how, or if, this can be changed? Does anyone know what the 6.0 version number is referring to? Thanks, in advance, for any assitance that can be provided.

Michael P. Sucena
Software Engineer
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Level 3

I have struggled with customizing the menu bar, and have only been able to change the name in the menu bar, by setting this property as an Additional Argument under Project::Config:"Menu Bar Displayed Name"

There are other properties that supposedly control the About box, but I haven't gotten them to work.
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