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Localization Problems

I have a question about localization.

I have an InstallAnywhere project and I have all of my custom_xx files. Our translation team translated the appropriate keys and I see them in the files.

However, when I build the project, the translated files are not being used.

I use the command line to build and specify an output directory. In that directory, I see the locales directory there, but the files in there are not the translated ones. It's almost like a new set got generated.

When I run from the GUI, I see a temporary locales directory created, and the files in there are not the correctly translated ones.

Am I missing something?
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Level 6

Hi peczes,

I Wanted to know which location your placing these files.

Are you modifying the existing custom_xx files or creating your own custom_xx files.

I strongly recommend you to use the External resource Bundling for your requirement.

Please read the Installanywhere Guide for more details on this.


Madhav Pai
Flexera software.
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