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Level 5

Little about CD ROM installer

hi all,
Just want to check whether my understanding is right...

when i want to create a cd rom installer .. do i just have to check the build cd rom option .. and do i have to copy the and the installer.exe in to the cd.. i tried this, but the installer is not working right.. my web installer is working fine..

i need some one to help me on this

Thank you
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Level 20

As far as I've understood it, all that CD-ROM installer does is that it extracts from the single .exe that is the WebInstaller (it's always easier to download a single auto-extracting file than more) so they say it's suitable for a CD-ROM distribution. Honestly, personally, I didn't see the advantage of that (the real advantage would have been to have all the resources uncompressed, that would have gained time), so on our CDs we deliver the Web installers (easier to maintain this way as the same installer is on the CD and on the Web).
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