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Level 5

Link to download VM?

Hey friends,

What are the possible links that can be provided to download VM in a no VM build??We cant provide flexera page link for downloading VM..so which proper link i can provide so that it can download VM from internet in a no VM build!!!
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Level 3

Do not specify a URL pointing to the VM packs on the flexerasoftware website. If you do, the build will fail because these VM packs are provided for your convenience only . you should keep the VM pack on your own file server e.g Tomacat server or some other or FTP server and specify the URL to that location which will download the vm pack sucessfully.
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Level 5

Hii friend..

I have downloaded SunJRE170Win32.vm and i hv hosted on my server & in no vm build i have specified the url pointing to that vm pack like
" http:\\abc.com\SunJRE170Win32.vm",But am not able to run the installer,its exiting prompting no vm found on ur system.!!!! Am using win 7 os 32 bit os..!! Can anyone help me on thiss???
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