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JRocket for Oracle

We are using InstallAnywhere2010 for a project that builds on Linux Redhat and now we want to port to Windows 8. InstallAnywhere has the option to specify the platforms and we did. We have a Windows binary version but it fails.

The project wraps a big Linux project that includes Java, Python and Oracle. Works well on Linux but fails on Windows.

I am a newbie to InstallAnywhere, should this work? How would InstallAnywhere know to include the various technologies for Windows, it is copying the Linux versions of Java, Python, Jython, Oracle binaries and Java JVM for Oracle i.e JRocket. Is there a way to build for two independent platforms?
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If you want to port your Linux installer onto Windows, you need to bundle Windows versions of your components: a Windows JVM, Python, Jython and Jrocket for Oracle. You can use the same installation project, but you would need to put platform checking conditions on those binaries (i.e. install Linux binaries on Linux only, and the same for Windows) and when building check the option to Optimize for final installers (that would bundle only the platform binaries for the respective platform you're building for).
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