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Issue with installer on Win2k8R2 built using IA 2009 SP2

Recently switched from IA 2009 to IA 2009 SP2.

Previously the built output using IA 2009 (not SP2) worked fine on Win2k8R2, after upgrading to SP2, it fails to work.

When i run my project on Win2k8R2, it shows error saying "ZGGfxUtil.loadImage : loading failed for com/zerog/ia/installer/images/billboard_default.png".

I have project specific billboard images and were working properly for before upgrading to SP2.

Strange thing is i see this problem only on Win2k8R2, for other windows like Win2k3 and Win2k3R2 it works fine.

Any pointers will be of great help.
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Level 2

Also I am not referring to billboard_default.png in my project
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Have you tried to check with support in order to see if this is a known issue (a.k.a. a bug)?
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