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Is it possible to create a Mac VM Pack fron a windows computer

Is it possible to create a Mac VM Pack from a windows computer?

Ideally I want to

a. download a bunch of  OpenJRE's JRE8 and JRE11 for multiple operating systems onto a windows computer

b. Create VM packs for all of these on the windows computer.

c. Could be via the install anywhere utility or manually


I tried the following

After downloading a MAC JRE zip file OpenJDK8U-jre_x64_mac_hotspot_8u332b09.tar.gz
Unpack the above using 7zip
Rename the "jdk8u332-b09-jre" folder to "jre"
then try the VMPackUtility (InstallAnywhere 2018)

Set all the parameters
Button next>>    Complains about the path to the jre without saying what issue it has detected.

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