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Installshield 2010

setup.exe file was created using the Installshield 2010. When this setup.exe for AMD64 is being invoked, the LaunchExe invokes the 32bit pkgmgr instead of 64-bit pkgmgr.

when I had made changes to be SW_SHOWNORMAL, the directory was set to c:\windows\syswow64 instead of c:\windows\system32.

Since its a 64-bit machine, the setup.exe is supposed to launch the executables from c:\windows\system32, but that doesn't happen. The installation folders seems to be correct, they are created under "c:\program files" but not under "c:\program files(x86)".

The installshield project is a basic MSI. The current problem was noticed in windows 2008 R2. This same setup.exe file was successful in windows 2003.

To be precise, invoking pkgmgr.exe inside a custom action in windows 2008 R2 invokes 32-bit pkgmgr.

Please tell me what the problem could be.

Thank you.
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Level 6

hi thangap,

kindly post your query in the installshield 2010 forum. This is the installanywhere 2010 forum.

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