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Installanywhere 8.01 Uninstaller panel screens loop

InstallAnywhere 8.0.1 Enterprise build 3080

As part of installation of our product, I have an uninstaller included.
When i test the uninstaller on WindowsXP, the GUI shows
1) Introduction screen: About to uninstall
2) click next
3) Uninstall Options -> Complete Uninstall
4) click next
5) screen displays message " Please wait is being configured for your system. This may take a moment..."

I see a progress screen for 2 seconds, then, uninstaller process loops back to the "Introduction" screen again.

Is this a bug in InstallAnywhere?
Is there a work around?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I guess it depends on your IA project and what exactly you do in the Pre&Post Uninstall sections.
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