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Installany where 2008 standard version custom sode Help

Hi friends.

currently am working on install anywhere 2008 standard version.

iam trying to excute the .jar file at preinstall and install option useing addaction execute custom code .it is not executing the custom code .
and also i tried useint batch file .and installscript. custom action are working.

please tell me whether it will support the custom coe(.batch file,installscript,.jar execution). in this url am seeing installany where doent support any custom code.

please help me.

Advanced thanks and Regards
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Level 7

When executing custom code you have to tell IA the jar file and the class name that you want to execute. You also have to check the box "Add service support for custom code" if you are using any of the service classes. That is in Project>Java

I don't think you can execute installscript code with IA though. You should be able to execute batch scripts though but not using the custom code action, you would need to use the execute script/batch file action.
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Level 20

AFAIK custom code is not supported in the IA Standard edition, I'm afraid you'll need Enterprise edition for this feature.
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Level 7

Oh I didn't even notice that you were using that version, sorry about that. PV is correct you will need the enterprise edition.
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Level 2

i tried this software for run jar file it runs well,
but i want to run batch files through it, please help me or guide me how to use this software.

thanks in advance......
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