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Level 2

InstallShield 2011 evaluation version

I am using evaluation version of Installshield 2011. I am trying to get the installer output as msi instead of setup.exe. i have changed the settings (In releases\setup.exe\setup launcher-> NO).
But still not getting output in the form of MSI.
Please suggest me a way to get output in the form of a MSI.

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Level 8

There is no way to do so from the IDE. The setup.exe will be included irrespective of what you choose in the IDE.
This is a limitation of trial version.

If you are curious enough, you can wait for the dialog where the setup.exe extracts the msi file and then look into the %TEMP% folder to locate the folder created for install. You can find your msi there.
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Level 2

Thanks MSIYER 🙂
Does this mean that if i buy license then i will be able to get the MSI as my project output ?
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