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Level 5

InstallAnywhere variable retains setting.

I have created 2 checkboxes..A,B..
I am displaying a feature depending on selection..But it works only for the first time..

For example when i select A checkbox, it displays FeatureA...But now i go back and unselect checkBox A and click next, it still dispayes featureA again..

Now end the install and click install.exe again

when i unselect A checkbox, it doesnt displays FeatureA...But now i go back and select checkBox A and click next, it still doesnt dispayes featureA.

This means that it is retaining setting set first time..
I have writtten executecustom code and evaluate rule..still this does not work..
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Level 5

You need to initialize the both check box variable first to some default value and then based on selection corresponding variable would be true.

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Level 5

Can you please show an example
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Level 20

An example of what?
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