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InstallAnywhere swallowed error

Hello IA community,

We recently upgraded to IA2010 from 7.1. Everything went smooth, but we have run into an issue with temp space and the installer swallowing an error at the end of the installation.

On a Unix system, the installer extracted into /tmp successfully, and installed all the files into the specified installation directory.

During the post-install phase however, it failed and swallowed an error. During this phase we have the installer set up to run several ant targets conditionally based on variables obtained in the pre-install phase. The installer simply skipped these targets and reported success for them, which caused our last screen to display that the installer completed successfully. When looking at the debug file that we've redirected the output to, I see this error:

RepositoryManager: Trying fallback repository location...
XMLScriptWriter: No Installation Objects were skipped
Retrying Installables deferred in pass 0
Deferral retries done because:
There were no deferrals in the last pass.
RepositoryManager: repository successfully written to stable storage
RepositoryManager: repository successfully written to stable storage
Exception in thread "Thread-40" ZeroGeo: Not enough space
at ZeroGem.run(DashoA10*..)
FCBatch: Could not run script /tmp/cbe.8925ce591283c15dae6 : Exception in CertifiedBourneExec.doExec(): Died waiting for stdout/stderr pipes.
Command.run(): Not enough space
Installer: pass 1: deferred: com.zerog.ia.installer.actions.ExecFile -- Execute Target File: ant install-all

This caused the installer to skip over the targets. Is there an option on the Advanced Designer to ensure that this error causes the installer to fail? Right now, it is very puzzling to the end user as to why their stuff is not configured, as no error is reported.

Thanks a lot!
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Hi vkubushyn,

I do not think that the space not being available in the temp space can cause specific actions in post install phase to fail. If there was problem with temp space, then the install phase would not have completed properly.

Can you please put the following arguement in your Project > Config

-Dlax.debug.all=true -Dlax.debug.level=3

and please obtain the log (stdout & stderr) and attach it to this thread to enable us to debug this issue.

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I wish I could, but the error is no longer reproducible.

I do know that after clearing the space the error was no longer an issue. I will post again if this error comes up again and put the debug parameters just as you suggested.

Thanks for you reply!
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