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InstallAnywhere new panel

I am new to Install Anywhere and I didn't find any documentation on how to do the following:
- I declared a new Panel: Get User Input Advanced but I can't find a way to dimension the "Prompt" field, the text boxes or to set more than one text box on one line. Is this possible ?
- How can I add an advanced button to a panel which leads me to a page shown only if the user wants to configure the advanced preferences?Can I set the button disable in some cases?

Thank You.
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Level 6

Hi Anda Cipariu,

You can not dimension the prompt field or try to insert two text boxes on the same line. For this you would have to implement a custom panel for this requirement.

For the second requirement, you have two options:
1. implement a check box, then if the check box is set, (check the variable), then display the advanced properties page based on this property

2. Put a custom panel along with your button, then attach a listener to your button, in which you can bring up your new page.

Please let us know if you need more info.

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